Anti-Forensics $UsnJtnlAnti-Forensic Techniques

There are various definitions explaining what anti-forensics is. The one I tend to prefer is Marcus Rogers where he stated anti-forensics are “attempts to negatively effect the existence, amount and/or quality of evidence from a crime scene, or make the analysis and examination of evidence difficult or impossible to conduct”. The Rootkit Arsenal 2nd Edition goes on to explain that the goal of anti-forensics is to “minimize the quantity of useful trace evidence that’s generated in addition to ensuring that the quality of this information is also limited (as far as a forensic investigation is concerned).” Malicious persons can leverage anti-forensics to undermine examinations conducted post mortem. As it relates to post mortem examinations, two anti-forensic strategies are data hiding and data destruction; both of which can be countered using the information in the $UsnJrnl file.


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