Opleidingen en certificaten 2013

In 2013 hebben wij de volgende certificaties behaald en de volgende opleidingen met succes beëindigd:

Certificatie Digitaal forensisch onderzoeker - GCFEGCFE Certification

The GCFE certification is for professionals working or interested in the information security, legal and law enforcement industries with a need to understand computer forensic analysis. The certification focuses on core skills required to collect and analyze data from Windows computer systems.

The GCFE certifies that candidates have the knowledge, skills, and ability to conduct typical incident investigations including e-Discovery, forensic analysis and reporting, evidence acquisition, browser forensics and tracing user and application activities on Windows systems.

SANS FOR408 Course: Computer Forensic Investigations - Windows-in-Depth - opleidingenFOR408: Computer Forensic Investigations – Windows-in-Depth

This course covers the methodology of in-depth computer forensic examinations, digital investigative analysis, and media exploitation so each student will have complete qualifications to work as a computer forensic investigator helping to solve and fight crime. In addition to in-depth technical knowledge of Windows Digital Forensics (Windows XP through Windows 8 and Server 2012), you will learn about well-known computer forensic tools such as Access Datas Forensic Toolkit (FTK), Guidance Softwares EnCase, Registry Analyzer, FTK Imager, Prefetch Analyzer, and much more. Many of the tools covered in the course are freeware, comprising a full-featured forensic laboratory that students can take with them.

Malicious Software and its Underground Economy - University of London - International programmes - opleidingenMalicious Software and its Underground Economy:

Students will learn how traditional and mobile malware work, how they are analyzed and detected, peering through the underground ecosystem that drives this profitable but illegal business. Understanding how malware operates is of paramount importance to form knowledgeable experts, teachers, researchers, and practitioners able to fight back. Besides, it allows us to gather intimate knowledge of the systems and the threats, which is a necessary step to successfully devise novel, effective, and practical mitigation techniques.

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