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Digital forensics and fraud investigations

Digital Forensics - Fraud investigations

Forensicron conducts fraud investigations and digital forensics investigations. We are located in Antwerp, but are available for assignments throughout the Benelux. Our services include all forms of fraud investigations and the digital forensic examination of laptops, desktops, PCs, servers, as well as the analysis of mobile phones, GPS devices and tablets.

We investigate all forms of fraud. In digital forensics cases we identify, collect, preserve and analyze digital data on various media. We provide legally admissible evidence.
Our customers are a broad range of mainly Benelux customers and subsidiaries of large multi-nationals.
Where necessary, we conduct secret investigations, in order to ensure confidentiality during sensitive operations.
A thorough computer forensic investigation, which is legally substantiated, can bring out important evidence in cases such as:

Forensicron can assist you and your company by conducting a fraud investigation or a forensic computer investigation into malicious or ethically reprehensible activities that you or your company was a victim of.

After a brief non-committal evaluation, we present an investigation plan based on your particular case.


After your approval, we carry out the necessary investigations, after which you will receive a comprehensive and legally admissible report.

Our licensing by the government, FOD Binnenlandse Zaken and our GCFE certification as a forensic examiner are your guarantees for a technically sound investigation, that also takes important legislation like the European Human Rights Convention and privacy legislation into consideration.