Opleidingen 2014

In 2014 hebben wij de volgende opleidingen met succes beëindigd:

Nietigheden in strafzaken
Prof. dr. Joachim Meese
Universiteit Antwerpen

Seminar ingericht door het IFA – Institute of Forensic Auditors


Het seminar heeft tot doel de nodige kennis van de forensische auditor op het gebied van het strafrecht te vernieuwen. Professor Meese zal onze aandacht te vestigen op een aantal specifieke procedureregels die een onderzoeker moet overwegen bij de uitvoering van een onderzoek en de daaropvolgende rapportage.

Evidence compliance in Civil and Business Law
Coralie Mattelaer and Kim Van Herck
Intui Avocats

Seminar organised by the IFA – Institute of Forensic Auditors


The forensic auditor or RFA must have knowledge of the differences in evidence law when performing investigations for civil or business litigation in order to alter his performances and obtain solid facts and evidence that withstand Court procedures. The lectors will point us at the fundamental differences in the above evidence law together with relevant jurisprudence as practical example.

Forensic Audit – Legal Update
Stijn De Meulenaer
Everest Law

Seminar organised by the IFA – Institute of Forensic Auditors


The training focuses on  recent legal developments and required knowledge in the field of forensic audit.

Linux Forensic Workshop
Hal Pomeranz

Workshop organised by BruCON VZW


This hands-on workshop is a rapid introduction to key artifacts and techniques for investigating compromised Linux systems using Linux tools.

Part I covers collecting and analyzing disk and memory evidence, showing where to look and introducing tools every investigator should know.

Part II is a deep-dive into the Linux EXT file system fmily, including recovery of deleted data and data from damaged file systems.

The Dutch way to combat fraud: focus on investment fraud
Frans Roest
Openbaar Ministerie Nederland

Seminar organised by the IFA – Institute of Forensic Auditors


The training will be organized in two distinctive parts:

Part 1:  The public way to combat fraud in the Netherlands and the role of its publilc prosecution service.

After the introduction and handling of fraud by the government in the Netherlands, we will focus on the approach of:

* Tax fraud, with examples
* Bankruptcy fraud, with examples
* Money laundering according to Dutch jurisprudence
* (non) Official corruption

Int the presentation, there will be noted how the intake and control of cases is handled by the Dutch officials and what its problems are (e.g. capacity, secrecy, trans boundary problems …)

Part 2:  how to recognize, detect and combat investment fraud

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